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Life Coach/Mentor

the "Best Non-Friend"
you will ever have!

Let me explain what a "best non-friend" is.  The people who love and know you most are going to be your family and friends.  They want what is best for you, right?  Yes, of course they do but they also want to protect you.   They can have their own ideas, thoughts, and judgments on choices you make or don't make.  It's normal but it can complicate things.  It's challenging for me to completely separate myself from my husband or child when working through decisions.  I am judging, inserting my own thoughts and feelings about it, taking it personally and not really listening...REALLY listening.  And the same can be said when I am needing to work through something myself...I find family and friends mean well...but sometimes something is missing...someone is missing.

That someone is what I call a "BNF" aka Best Non-Friend.  This is a person whose only interest is your truth.  They hold zero judgments.  They have zero ulterior motives.  They care only about what you are needing and what is preventing you from getting it.  They are not afraid to "call you out" and have you question things or wade through your thoughts...even the ones that are difficult.  A BNF will not think FOR you...they will think WITH you.  They remove all the emotions and distractions from the outside, allowing you a space that is completely yours to discover, explore and learn what really matters to you.  I believe it is one of the most powerful relationships that one can have.  

My coaching begins and ends with the concept that the answers are within you.  I want to see you awaken your TRUE SELF and set it free to explore and discover.

I am not your "fixer" and you don't want me to be.  I'll actively listen, question and from time to time challenge you.  I'll serve as a mirror and reflect back on what you give me.  I'll ask you to question everything and be still without the answers.  I'll challenge you and at times suggest you think deeper, longer, harder.  I'll hold you yourself.    

 We will create a space that is solely yours to be seen and heard so you can sit back, nod, smile and exhale.

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