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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful and effective form of communication and problem-solving. It is not counseling or therapy.  The relationship between a coach and client is "co-creative", and focuses solely on the client's interests, challenges and goals.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

This is an important question.  Your needs might be small adjustments that make a huge impact.  Your needs might also be complicated and will take time to work through.  Every person's journey is unique and different and will require their own solutions.  Here are a few key areas that our coaching relationship can provide support for:

  • Going through a challenging transition (divorce, new marriage, first-time mom, new job, college to career, moving, retirement, mid-life, etc) 

  • A tough situation that requires you to make a decision.  Needing to talk through all the points so that you can feel confident moving forward. An were offered a job with a different company and you need to work through all the possibilities to find what is your best move.

  • We all experience stress and moments of being overwhelmed but maybe your stress is preventing you from moving forward or its keeping you from getting the clarity you need.

  • Everything is great in your life but you just have a sense something may be want to explore those thoughts deeper.

  • Maybe your life lacks purpose and direction BUT you are ready to dive into changing that!...What will that look like? Be ready to take the steps to really LIVE a life by YOUR design!!!

How long are sessions and how often do clients have them?

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes.  During your free initial discovery session, we will discuss your needs and together determine what works best for you.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Most clients prefer coaching sessions by phone.

Will our sessions be confidential?

Absolutely!  Your personal information is private and will not be shared.

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