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Cherry Blossoms

Curious about how coaching could impact your life?

"Happiness is not a goal... it's a by-product of a life well-lived."

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Kind Words: Testimonials

Linda is...simply amazing! Discussing my feelings can be very hard for me because I have so many, all at once, and they can leave me feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. That is exactly where I began in my session with Linda, overwhelmed and completely unsure where to begin! Linda made it feel so natural and organic for me to open up and encouraged and guided me through our conversation. I was amazed at how well Linda navigated through my scattered thoughts and emotions, helping me to uncover and explore new ideas and future outcomes. I had multiple ah-ha moments followed by some action items that Linda helped me create, to propel me forward in my discoveries! In the month since my session with Linda I have started a new project that I am thrilled about, and have started exploring my next steps for my career. To say working with Linda was helpful, awesome, or great just isn’t enough! It was a true game-changer for me.

Hope McDonald

My journey with Linda Williams as my Life Coach has been nothing less than amazing!She has the unique ability to hear what you are saying by asking probing questions that open the door for you to find your path. She reaches into your words and guides you to find your solution. Linda helps you dissect your thoughts and redirect your own path to give you the answers that you are looking for.My life has changed dramatically after my sessions with Linda. I have found true inner peace!!!I highly recommend Linda Williams as your Life Coach. You will then experience the happiness that I found with her guidance.

Kathy Hakes

UlivingU was a great opportunity for me to really focus on the choices I am making in life and how to make them work for me. Linda is a fantastic listener who really made me feel understood and empowered to make the choices I needed to make even when they were hard. Because of my conversations with Linda, I have decided to go back to school and receive a degree in something I’m very passionate about!

Hannah Greer

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